Say bye bye to wrinkles with the revolutionary "Second Skin"

My favourite part of the Mission Impossible movies is when someone peels off their face and Tom Cruise appears underneath.

If the technology is there to create a mask that looks exactly like someone else, surely they could make a mask that looks like you but without all the wrinkles, creases, pockmarks, scars and other flaws. Sigh, that's the dream.

Or is it? A dream, that is? Because scientists have developed a 'second skin' that could improve the look of wrinkles and disguise marks. Say what?

The second skin in question is a  'polymer film' that's been developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It's kind of like a disposable contact lens for your face: you put it on in the morning, look lovely and smooth faced for the day, and then you peel it off and throw it away at the end of the day and avoid mirrors and any reflective surfaces till it's time to pop on another. Once applied, the second skin actually supports the skin giving it the smooth effect. It also prevents moisture loss on dry skin.

One of the scientists Bob Langer says, “What we’ve been able to do is create a cream that you can put on the skin and then when it’s on the skin it can actually form essentially an elastic second skin." An elastic second skin that makes you look fabulous, darling.


Here's how it works:

Who needs laser eye surgery when you've got contact lenses? And who needs cosmetic face surgery when you've got a second skin?

Via The Guardian

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