Shaving: it's literally a pain in the face. A guide for men #1

Coming up on we have a three part guide to shaving. And here's the best bit. It's written by a man!

Look, we know you guys all read Sometimes secretly, sometimes not. So we thought we'd better show yiz a bit of love and Graeme has stepped in to give some expert manly advice.

"Shaving is literally a pain in the face for most of us. Constantly hacking at your face with a blade can become irritating to say the very least. I've thought about this subject for some time now and have tried many different razors, creams, gels and oils - in fact anything to take the pain out of shaving. Here are my recommendations for every man out there over the age of fifteen.

The three main ingredients for a perfect shave are your razor, your cream and your aftershave balm. Skimping on any of these only leads to problems of a rashy or spotty nature.

Start with a good razor.


If you have anything that says "bic disposable" in your bathroom, throw it out now. Lads, I've had better shaves using a blunt screwdriver.

If you want a close shave that will last for a day or two, go with Gillette. They know what they're doing - the new Fusion razor is great. If you have a heavy growth, and get a five o'clock shadow at eleven a.m., then this is the razor for you. I get about three days with this. The power vibrating one is a bit of a gimmick... but hey - it looks cool.

For those who find themselves getting a rash or spots after shaving (or if you want that scruffy-chic look), why not try an electric razor? This is my personal choice and has been for many years. They have their flaws admittedly. Again if you have a heavy growth and like to be clean-shaven, you'll be lucky to make it through an eight-hour day without needing it again. Replacing the blades can be a pain in the arse too, especially if you lose the manual that had your model number on it... (lesson learned). Buying one seems expensive but it balances out considering the amount you spend over the year on manual disposable blades. Oh, and they also come with cool attachments. Electric razors will do everything from shaping your locks and cleaning themselves to making your morning latte. You can never have too many gadgets."

Stay tuned for Graemes indispensable after-shave advice in the next couple of days.

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