The easy at-home facial for men for your best skin ever

At this time of year, our skin needs a little extra TLC. Here's a simple at-home facial for men to keep your skin glowing in winter.

Throughout the winter months, our skin is under the added distresses that cold weather brings. All year round, our skin is attacked daily by the sun and its harmful rays as well as the blue light damage from screens and phones, etc. In winter time, that's still the case, and you still need to protect it from light damage. However, now you've got weather and dry central heating thrown in too. To combat the added stresses, you can give your skin a little facial at home to keep it in great condition.

This home facial is simple and won't take very long. It's a step by step routine that won't require loads of products and some of the things you need, you probably already have at home. You choose the type of facial that should either give you a healthy glow the next day or clear up spots and imperfections.

Open your pores

Start off with a hot flannel. Take a facecloth and soak it in warm water or heat it in the microwave. Leave it on your face for a minute. This will soften your skin and open up the pores. Opening our pores this way allows all your products to get in there and do their work making the whole process more effective.

Chemical exfoliation

The next step is to exfoliate your skin. Use a good glycolic acid by itself or in a gentle jojoba scrub. Another great way to exfoliate is with an enzyme wash. There's no need to scrub your skin anymore, chemical exfoliation is so much better.


Facial massage with oil

Facial massage might seem a bit extravagant to do to your self but there are many benefits to it. It encourages lymphatic drainage and improves the circulation in your face. You can give your self a simple facial massage with a facial oil or serum. Your massage will work the serum into your skin and leave your skin plumped and invigorated. For a simple massage, use light pressure in an upward directions all over your face with your fingers.

Apply your mask

Choose a mask to suit your skin. You can go for a brightening and illuminating mask if you just want your skin to look extra healthy ahead of an event or special occasion. If congestion and acne are your main concern you can use a clay mask or a clarifying mask. Often these can cause a little dryness or for your acne to flare up a little as it draws impurities to the surface of your skin to get rid of them. There may be some downtime of a couple of days so consider doing it a few days before social occasions.

Night cream

Presuming, you are doing this facial in the evening, so finish with a great night cream with retinol. Retinol, also known as Vitamin A, is a bit of a wonder ingredient. It is anti-ageing, it helps clear up scarring from acne, it reduces the appearance of pigmentation marks and redness. It's best used at night because it can sensitize your skin to the sun so it's an ideal component in a night cream. Apply your night cream, get your beauty sleep and then always follow with an SPF moisturiser in the morning.


Do you give yourself a facial treatment regularly?

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