The Skin Nerd Presents: How to tackle dark circles like a pro

Tricks of the trade and tried and tested methods to tackle dark circles

Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd solves your skin care dilemmas. 

Genetics, bone structure, lymphatic drainage and salt intake can be the contributing factors towards dark circles. Oh, and being a non-circus juggler i.e. slave to a busy lifestyle, aka queen of juggling. Or King! To surmise – sheer exhaustion.

As a result of the internal contributing factors, dark circles can be tough to tackle since no one singular cream offers the true solution, and so we must be realistic with our expectations. If the reason is within your control, like if it's down to your sodium intake or lack of quality hours of sleep at night, then I would consider adjusting that immediately.

If it is due to age and the bones shrinkage in the orbital zone, then be aware that PRP aka the vampire facial has had unbelievable results. It sounds more intense than it actually is, as it is the removal of your blood (similar to a blood test). Your blood is then cleaned in a medical machine to extract the platelets, which are then injected back into you in the target area. I have had it done and found the difference in the eye area for dark/tired eyes to be incredible. I also love that it is your own body repairing and regenerating itself as opposed to having a foreign body or substance inserted.

For a more speedy solution, Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles is a short term Cinderella product gaining much traction lately.



Yon-Ka Phyto-Contour is another ideal product with essential oils such as rosemary and vitamin K to increase blood flow.

Draining fluid outwards from the inner eye to the outer eye can assist if there is puffiness, and you can do this all by yourself. Gently massage the area using your ring finger, the one with the least tendons. This is ideal for the delicate tissue around your eye.

One more quick fix to consider are concealers with an orange hue as they can colour correct the eye area and mask the dark circles. Do not solely depend on the highlighting concept; if not concealed properly first highlighting will draw more attention to the darkness as opposed to brightening the areas you may think.

Other than that, never drink and never have a busy social or work life! Problem sorted!


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