This is the skin product everyone with spots needs to know about

Whether you're a teenager, in your twenties with new-found adult acne or generally spots-prone, you need to know about this skin product.

Guess where it comes from? Yes, Korea! Does it work? According to the five-star reviews, it sure does. It's not exactly 'a product', though; it's a pack of little stickers that go on your spot, your below-the-surface cystic spot to be exact (the worst kind). The 'Trouble Cure' patch from K-beauty brand Actopass isn't a new product but it's buzzy at the moment because of the way it works.

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It's a two-step process. You first sanitise the area you wish to target with a wipe soaked in tea tree and salicylic acid. Then, you pop on the little patch (which is thinner than 1/3 the width of a hair). It sounds pimple, sorry, simple, but as you go about your business (or go to sleep; they say it's best used as an overnight treatment) with the patch stuck on, it's really getting to work on that zit. This year, everybody is going to be talking about the 'technology' that makes it so effective. You see, the Acropass patch actually has the teeniest microneedles containing hyaluronic acid - an ingredient that makes us very happy because of its colossal hydrating properties - and niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3) which brightens and soothes.

Actopass Trouble Cure


trouble cure

The ingredients and technique are revolutionary in spot treatment; anyone who suffers with pimps and zits will know exactly why. So many treatments aimed at acne-prone skin are extremely drying; the targeted action with hyaluronic acid of these little stickers means that only the affected area is being treated and it's being pumped with hydration, too. Despite the scary notion of tiny needles on your face, the process is painless.

Right now, the method is only available in patch form. However, the beauty buzz for 2019 is that the Acropass product - and others like it - are developing bigger sized patches to tackle bigger areas like the jawline.

FYI, you can get Acropass from cool American K-beauty site SOKO Glam and they deliver to Ireland, woohoo! One box contains six Swabs and six patches. Are you intrigued enough to give it a go?

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