The solution to sunburn you got this weekend is hiding in your fridge

If you missed a spot when applying sunscreen this weekend, we've got the DIY solution to sunburn

We are all so very diligent when it comes to applying SPF as part of our daily routine, but when the summer sun beckons, something happens. Over the weekend, how many of you have ended up the colour of the Baywatch red bikini?

I know it's not just me.

However, when you're in a bind, there is a solution to sunburn - and you can find it in your fridge. Yes, it's milk. Skimmed, to be exact.


 skimmed milk solution to sunburn

The protein in milk coats the skin unlike water which evaporates, and skimmed milk has a higher amount of protein (as the fat has been removed). All you need to do is pour the milk into a bowl, add some ice cubes, and dip in and wring out a clean facecloth. Then just apply the cold compress onto your burn.

It works wonders.

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