Starlux Laser at the Berkeley Clinic: takes the outch out of hair removal


Well I've had a few blasts of other laser treatments in the past to get rid of unwanted fur. (Important note: that isn't me in the pictures)

But, I'll be honest. Between you, me and the wall, it hasn't been that pleasant an experience. Not unbearable or anything - but it does sting and zap and you do have to grit your teeth a bit.

So I was very interested indeed to hear about The Berkeley Clinic's super duper new laser.


Starlux 500 is a very powerful hair removal system which, unlike the other lasers used in Ireland at the mo, works to cool your skin during treatments. It takes the stingy, burny feeling out of the whole experience.

I'll be trying this out for sure - and if you'd like to do the same check out the website of the Berkeley Clinic for more info. You can now visit them in Dundalk as well as Dublin.

(Tip: make sure you take a look at their special offers, which are fantastic value!)

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