That Pregnant Glow: There is a Good Side to it, Honest!

pregnancy fun

I'm afraid some of my recent posts on the effects of pregnancy on the body may have come across as more negative than I'd intended. Between stretched out belly buttons, extreme hair loss and skin drier than the Sahara, you mightn't think that I actually loved being pregnant (for the most part) and enjoyed many of its weird and wonderful side effects on my appearance.

First there was my skin - the pesky little patch of spots on the side of my chin cleared up completely, blackheads disappeared and despite being dry, it was clear and even and perfectly happy once treated with a gentle cleanser and a rich moisturiser. No scrubs, no masks, no overnight treatments - I was in low maintenance heaven.

Then there was my hair - I stopped losing hair when I brushed or washed it, so it was fuller and for some unknown reason much smoother and shinier looking, despite the fact that I didn't change the products I used. I also went from washing every other day to going three days between washes without it looking like a greasy mess on the third day - a real bonus when I was too lazy to wash and blowdry my hair.


While the hair on my head became fuller, the hair on my legs almost disappeared - a most surprising and welcome miracle. Growth slowed down so much that I was only shaving once every few weeks and in some patches hair stopped growing altogether. I prayed for this to last beyond pregnancy, but sadly that was not to be (though for the first few months post partum my underarm hair did stop growing; again, I was sad that this one didn't last).

What about you? If you have been or are currently pregnant, are you noticing any welcome improvements to your appearance as a result? Let us know in a comment!

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