This is the most anti-ageing thing you can do for your skin

Once you hit your 20s your skin will begin to age with every day that passes. This is the most anti-ageing thing you can do for your skin.

SPF is single-handedly the best thing you can do for your skin. If you're worried about skin ageing - SPF needs to be the first product you turn to. We all look for that new trendy product that's going to work a skin miracle. We are all hoping that serum we spent a week's wages on is actually going to be botox in a bottle. The sad fact is that it's almost impossible to reverse the damage done by the sun to our skin. You can certainly make it look better, or not as bad but there's no way to turn back the clock and take care of your skin the way you should have. Everybody needs to know that in order to slow the ageing process, wearing SPF is the most anti-ageing thing you can do your your skin.

most anti-ageing thing


For you to say you are effectively protected from the suns harmful rays you need to wear at least spf 30. spf 50 will give you better protection again but 30 will suffice. You need to apply your high factor spf on top of your serums and moisturisers before your makeup. For added sun protection you should choose foundation with spf to wear on top.



Pigmentation is the process by which our skin becomes more pigmented or darker in certain areas. The sun is largely the cause of pigmentation, also known as age spots for most people. Using an spf every day is the only way to keep your pigmentation under control. It can stop any pigmentation from worsening and it will stop new areas from forming. Don't forget your hands! Our hands and faces are exposed all the time so it's important to protect those areas even in winter.

The C word

As if you need more encouragement, wearing sun screen will greatly decrease your chances of developing skin cancer. If that's not reason enough to make you hit the bottle then I don't know what will be. It's not the most expensive or glamorous part of your skincare routine but it is definitely the most anti-ageing thing you can wear on your skin.

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