Bad skin doesn't end on last day of school. Monster spot drama at 27

When I awoke last Monday, I was confused as to why my right eye seemed to be squinting of its own accord. I was also curious about the searing pain just below it. Had I been sleepwalking again? Did I hit myself in the face without realising before going to bed? All my questions were answered when I looked in the mirror, and saw a throbbing red spot of titanic proportions. My face was hidden somewhere behind it, looking somewhat apologetic at allowing itself to be conquered so completely.

Each day, to my horror, it grew.

This is the kind of zit that takes no prisoners. It refuses to be vanquished, as it stands like the cock of the walk on my poor little face.

When I was a teenager, my skin wasn't that bad. I had the occasional breakout, of course, but it was generally blemish-free. Still, I fantasised about being in my twenties, when my skin would be flawless. ‘Spots only happen to teens!’ I told myself as I assessed my face in the mirror. ‘Just get to 20, and everything will be OK’.

Well, I’m 27 now. And the spot on my face is nearly talking to me. I’ve named him Thomas, and I’m worried that I’m coming over all Richard E. Grant in How To Get Ahead in Advertising.


And it’s not a case of me seeing it as worse than it is, let me tell you. Do you know when you point out a flaw to a friend, and they instinctively reassure you that you’re perfect? You get a response along the lines of ‘I can’t see anything at all. Sure, it’s all in your head’.

With this fecker, people cannot hide their horror, as they try with all their might not to look directly at it. Not only are friends admitting that it’s so red they can see it in the dark, but one suggested that perhaps it’s not a spot at all, and a spider has laid eggs in my face.

It’s now Day 10 of Thomas, and I’m trying to subdue him with a combination of Kiehl’s ‘Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment’, Benefit’s Erase Paste and prayer.

I’m starting to see a faint light at the end of the tunnel. But I still can’t believe that the teenage me was wrong – bad skin doesn’t end on the last day of school.

Have you ever had a breakout that just won’t quit? Do you have any sure-fire spot zapping tips?

Help me!


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