3 less ordinary anti-ageing products you may not be using

Anti-ageing products are in abundance. There are some that will certainly prove more beneficial to you than others and they are the ones we want to talk about.

What does anti-ageing mean to you? Do you think about the crows feet forming around your eyes? Do you think of the lines that surround your lips that your lipstick bleeds into? Have you started to see the elasticity in your skin deteriorate? It might be the discoloration in your skin from pigmentation from the sun. Or redness from damage to your skin from external factors. Maybe it's your thinning, grey hair. All of these are factors that contribute to making you and your skin look older. I want to tell you my top three anti-ageing products that everyone needs to incorporate into their skincare.

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Age spots

For pigmentation (also aptly named 'age spots') Vitamin C is your friend. Vitamin C is a brightening agent that helps to get rid of pigmentation marks. It is a little wonder worker for evening out skin tone and giving you an all-round brighter complexion. It also has some natural sun protection in it to prevent future brown spots from forming.

Vitamin C products are widely available now. I suggest getting an excellent serum to apply before your moisturiser and after a good cleanse in the morning. Also, it's good to know that you need to protect your little miracle worker - vitamin C can lose it's potency when exposed to the air so always keep the cap on tight.


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Hands tell a thousand tales

Another area that we often tend to forget about is our hands. Your hands and face are the most exposed parts of your body. When you think about it, the rest of your body is largely covered for the most part of the year. Our faces and our hands, however, are exposed to harmful UVA and UVB light all the time. So let a hand cream with SPF in it become your new little handbag pal. Apply it every day and often. Hands are a dead giveaway of your age. Eventually, the skin becomes thinner and they start to show the damage from years spent in the sun.

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Take care of the hair


Another beauty product that you will thank me for in a few years is an eyelash enhancing serum. As we age, our hair thins. And as Murphy's law would have it, hair generally grows where we don't want it and thins where we need it the most. If you consider your eyelashes a precious asset then you should start preserving them early. Eyelashes and eyebrows will sprout greys like the rest of the hair on your head but even worse they will thin out. Eyelash serums generally get great results. Even if your lashes haven't started the thinning process, you'll thank me in a month's time when you suddenly have an abundance of thick, long and luscious lashes in place of your usual ones.

What's the most unusual anti ageing part of your beauty regimen?

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