3 surprising reasons you are breaking out

These are three things that could be giving you breakouts that you never even thought of before. 

Spots, blemishes, blotches and breakouts in general are just so annoying. We spend our lives trying to avoid them and prevent them only for them to pop up just when you really don't want them. It's always the time that you prayed to have clear skin that you get a breakout. It's Murphy's law that you'll get a spot on your wedding day or a cold sore for your debs or dry flaky skin for those family photos you finally got around to taking. You can use the best skincare in the world but you could also be undoing your good work with some unknown bad habits. Here are three things you might not realise could be giving you breakouts.

giving you breakouts


The purpose of exfoliation is to speed up the keratinisation process. That's the process by which out skin sheds dead skin cells. If you over exfoliate with scrubs or acids it can actually have a negative impact on your skin. There is dead skin at the surface of your skin and exfoliating maybe once or twice a week is good. However, if you overdo it you leave your skin exposed. That means free radicals in the air can attack it. It leaves you prone to breakouts or inflammation when your skin is missing some of its protective layer. Our advice is to research your exfoliator well. We prefer acids to scrubs but get some professional advice on how to use them before you go hell for leather at your delicate skin.


Dirty makeup brushes

This sounds like an obvious one but how often do you really clean your brushes? Makeup on makeup brushes gathers bacteria, especially foundation bushes because liquid foundation leaves your brushes moist. Bacteria loves to spread in moist environments. Thinking about it is pretty grim. Millions of bacteria spreading on your brushes and then you rub them all over your face. It leaves you prone to this bacteria getting into your pores and causing bacterial infections or spots. It's important to clean your bushes with a disinfectant brush cleanser every time you use them as well as giving them a wash with shampoo once a month. If you do both you'll preserve the condition of your brushes and protect yourself from infection.


If you are prone to breakouts and acne you should consider what type of makeup you wear on your skin every day. If your skin is naturally prone to spots and blemishes, most foundations will aggravate the problem. When new breakouts are regularly occurring the day after wearing makeup, you need to make the switch to mineral makeup. Pure mineral makeup is best and won't clog your pores.

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