Essential tips for protecting your skin in the cold

The weather outside is frightful, but even if you're inside, skin needs protecting. Here's how to keep your skin in top condition throughout the cold snap

It's FREEZING out there. With these harsh weather conditions, there is one thing that is extremely high up on our to-do list. Protecting your skin. Living in Ireland, our skin is just not used to these harsh conditions. So, how do we best protect our skin when the Beast from the East comes to visit?

Some of these tips might sound self explanatory but sometimes we forget the simple things.


SPF 30

Surprisingly, an SPF is not just for the sun. Using at least a factor 30 in the cold weather is so important to protect your skin from harsh cold winds and UVA and UVB damage. Don't leave the house without applying at least 30 minutes before.


eve lom cleansers for dry skin


Change up your skin care to a more hydrating version of what you usually do. Going from freezing cold air to heated housed or offices will dry out the skin and cause dehydration and sensitivity. Try using something that's soap and alcohol-free to avoid further dehydration. If you are extremely dry, you might need to avoid wearing makeup and moisturise a few times throughout the day.

Keep Hydrated

We all know the importance of staying hydrated in the sun, but staying hydrated in the cold is just as important. Your skin will naturally start to dry out in this harsh weather so the best thing you can do is to make sure you drink at least two litres of water. And remember coffee and tea will further dehydrate your skin so despite wanting the comfort of a warm cuppa, it's not the best option for you during this freeze. Try compromising with a hot cup of water and some lemon.

Lower the Shower Temperature

Although all you might want to do on a freezing cold day is jump in a piping hot shower, this is probably one of the worst things we can do to our skin. If your body temperature is colder than normal, your skin will react in a negative way if your shower is too hot. It can even lead to broken capillaries over time, which we just don't want.

Hand Cream and Lip Balm

Dr Pawpaw lip balm

Invest in a good one. Your hands and your lips will be the first thing to start cracking and flaking in this cold weather. So make sure you don't leave the house without appropriate coverage on both. Ideally wearing gloves will protect your hands but always remember to keep a strong barrier cream on your bedside table and never to leave the house without your lip balm.

Go Easy on the Exfoliator

Body Exfoliator Molton Brown 1


You need all the protection you can get in extreme weather, so over-exfoliating is not a good idea. It will lead to sensitivitity. If you do exfoliate regularly, just make sure you wear a high SPF and even a barrier cream when you go outside.

Stay warm and wrap up well for now, folks.

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