We teamed up with WaterWipes to bring our readers a unique yoga, beats and brunch experience

On July 28th we turned The Dean Hotel into a health and wellness hub full of expert advice, yoga and (of course) brunch.

Here at Beaut, we know how important a good skincare routine is. But with so many products out there promising the world, it can be hard to know what’s best for our skin types. Because of this, we were so excited to create a special event for our readers where they could learn some great skincare tips from Beaut.ie’s Laura Doyle and WaterWipes’ Dr. Emer Gilligan. Not only this, they got to take part in a HIIT yoga class with Niamh Deans followed by a post-workout treat with some tasty brunch provided by The Dean Hotel.

Dr. Emer Gilligan and Laura Doyle


So what did we learn about skincare? Well, there are so many factors that can affect our skin, from pollution in the air to diet and even our emotional well-being, and these can be quite hard to control. Dr. Emer says wearing SPF and avoiding smoking and smoking areas are a great place to start. But we should also be reading the ingredients of products before we buy them. Research carried out by the Environmental Working Group has shown that a woman uses an average of 12 products a day containing 168 different chemicals. So it’s no surprise that consumers are increasingly demanding products with minimal ingredients.


If you’re using wipes to remove your makeup, be mindful of brands that have a long list of ingredients. When left on the skin, some of these ingredients may clog pores and may irritate sensitive skin. We were so excited to have WaterWipes involved in our event as they only contain three ingredients: water, fruit extract and dead sea minerals. And less ingredients = happier skin!

Guests also got the chance to ask Dr Emer some of their skincare questions. And after yoga and brunch was over, they also got to take home a goodie bag full of health and skincare treats as well as a free yoga mat. The most productive Sunday morning ever? We think so.

Take a look at the video below:


If you want to learn more about WaterWipes, follow them here.

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