Forgotten beauty tips you can do without forking out

We talk so much makeup and beauty that sometimes forgotten beauty tips resurface and rock our world all over again.

When these golden nuggets of information pop up, I get excited to try them out all over again. Sometimes there are really simple tips that can enhance your beauty routine or just make life easier. These forgotten beauty tips are home remedies. Things that you will be able to do without even taking a trip to the shops.

forgotten beauty tips baking soda

First up is the old stain-removing baking soda. There are lots of uses for baking soda and one of them (my favourite) is to remove stains from your teeth. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate works as a mild abrasive. As a mild abrasive it can effectively remove new-ish stains from your teeth. Stains that are older and more deep set will need professional attention. Baking soda is ideal for recurring stains from things like coffee and tea.

If you want to try out this method of teeth whitening, just mix equal parts of baking soda and water and apply it with a toothbrush to your teeth. You should only leave it on for about a minute so as not to cause any damage to the enamel. Also, it's not a method to use on a regular basis or it could damage your enamel.

forgotten beauty tips toothpaste


Our second forgotten tip is applying toothpaste to a spot. Now, there are mixed opinions on this one and many professionals would say you shouldn't do it. The ingredients in the toothpaste could irritate your skin and cause redness. However, it can serve to dry out a big goozer of a spot. If you want to try this old time favourite you need to apply the toothpaste only to the very tip of the spot. It shouldn't touch the sensitive and probably already sensitised skin around it.

Use all-white toothpaste on a spot. It's the white part of the toothpaste that contains bicarbonate of soda and hydrogen peroxide which are the ingredients that will dry out your unwanted friend.

forgotten beauty tips lip scrub

Last, but not least - and this is my favourite tip that really works, is a natural home-made sugar scrub for your lips. This is so easy to make and will get rid of dead skin and smooth your lips. In fact, lots of big cosmetics brands have basically made this mixture and bottled it to sell. It might look prettier and is a little handier but it does the same job, really.

The method? You just need normal granulated sugar and an oil to mix it through. Use olive oil or just honey but my favourite way to make it is with coconut oil. I mix about a teaspoon of coconut oil with a two teaspoons of sugar and a squirt of honey. Honey is very repairing and hydrating so it gives your scrub a little added benefit.


Would you like to try these at home remedies or are you happier to fork out on your favourite beauty treats?

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