Winter Skincare Dos and Dont's: A Post Inspired by Spaced


Re-watching both series' of Spaced recently, I laughed when Tim berated Daisy, an aspiring writer/journo, about her lack of a job or any success with getting articles into print. "I can't pull another winter skincare dos and don'ts out of thin air!", she blustered indignantly.

Well,  I can. My many women-hours of moisturiser testing have given me the perfect suggestions for winter ravaged skin and I'll be telling you a few of my favourites over the next week or so.

But in the meantime, a short summary of Winter Skincare Dos and Don'ts:


  • do nothing in the hope that dry scaly patches will just get better on their owney-o
  • stop wearing sunscreen - yeah, I know it's the winter, but that dull, watery light you're seeing? Yep, that means there are still UV rays about, so protect with an SPF15
  • madly change your products daily - give anything new a chance to work, and that could take four weeks
  • worry if you suddenly look like a raisin - it's most likely just dehydration and you haven't aged 20 years in two weeks


  • get a facial if you're suddenly finding your skin has gone bananas and you're just not sure why. A good therapist'll sort you right out and give you a good starting point from which to turn your skin around
  • switch from lotions and emulsions to thicker creams and balms
  • consider adding a hydrating serum to your routine
  • remember to exfoliate off dry, dead skin two to three times a week
  • add a weekly moisturising masque to your routine
  • eat more oily fish, superfoods like pomegranates and berries, and get more eggs down you

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