These should be your skincare resolutions of 2019

New Year resolutions are going out of fashion a bit, but it would be worth considering these skincare resolutions for a fresh-faced 2019.

We can all make new year resolutions but it's sticking to them that makes the difference. When it comes to your skin there are a few key tips to stick by. In doing this you will really make a huge difference in your skin texture and clarity. If it's great skin you are after, this new year the most effective thing to do is to choose small and realistic goals that will hugely impact your skin. But what is it that will make the biggest difference?

Here are my top five achievable goals to help your skin look its best this year.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation will help speed up the rejuvenation process of the skin. It's a lost or forgotten beauty tip that really does help the skin stay looking radiant and young.

Moisturise regularly

A lot of times when you see fine lines on the skin it stems from dehydration, not ageing. By choosing a good moisturiser that suits your skin and moisturising regularly it can really help make all the difference.


Ban wipes

Wipes are just too heavy and rough for the skin. Most of them have a huge amount of alcohol in them which really dries out the skin and as we know dehydration is not a good thing for the skin as it creates fine lines.

Always take your makeup off at night

This cardinal rule is one to remember. It's beyond important. The reason being is that your skin rejuvenates itself at nighttime. If your skin it's clean and hydrated your skin will absorb what is on it and you don't want that to be the remanence of the day's makeup.

Always wear an SPF


Prevention is better than cure and when it comes to pigment, dark spots and ageing; the strongest culprit for accelerating this is the sun. Yes even in the winter months the UVA and UVB rays can affect you. Wearing an SPF all year round is essential to staying on the right side of ageing.

What are your 2019 new year resolutions?

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