10 Affordable Wellness Products You Can Get on Amazon

The last few months of the year are busy for most of us and sometimes it's hard to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Here are 10 affordable wellness products to help you feel your best.


Wellness products can get very pricey so here are 10 items to get you through the busy end of year period that are all under €40:


Sunrise Alarm Clock

Make your mornings easier by getting yourself a sunrise alarm clock which will help you wake up more naturally and leave you feeling refreshed rather than exhausted like a traditional alarm would.

This is available for £26.99 or €30.26.


Matcha Green Tea Powder

A matcha latte is a great coffee alternative and will provide you with a more even energy boost that will last longer throughout the day.

Pick this one up for £9.95 or €11.16.


Pink Clay Mask

Treat your skin to this gorgeous pink clay mask that is full antioxidants and is supposed to purify and hydrate the skin.

It's available for £13.99 or €15.70.


Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are very popular in the world of wellness. They are great for helping to destress and boost your mood, they also improve air quality and can help you sleep better too.

Pick this one up for £13.99 or €15.70.


Resistance Bands

Boost your workouts by incorporating these skin-friendly resistance bands that come in varying strengths from extra light to extra heavy.

They're available for £6.99 or €7.84.



Step Counter

If you want a more accurate way to keep track of your daily steps but don't want to spend an arm and a leg on an Apple Watch or a FitBit then why not get this handy little pedometer.

It not only counts your steps but can also monitor your sleep.

Pick it up for £25.49 or €28.61.


Facial Sauna/Steam Inhaler

Keep sore throats and colds at bay with this handy little steam inhaler.

Steam is great for providing instant hydration to your throat and is amazing at clearing a blocked nose.

It's also perfect to keep your face nice and hydrated during the cold weather.

It's available for £33.92 or €38.07


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a great multi-use product that's amazing for treating acne and can also be used in the steam inhaler too for treating colds and helping to unblock your nose.

Pick this one up for £7.99 or €8.96.


Mindfulness Diary

It's so important to keep on top of your mental health especially during busy periods so why not take six minutes out of your day to practice gratitude and mindfulness with this handy little diary.

It's available for £22.90 or €25.70.


Fidget Spinner and Cube

It may seem a bit silly but fidget toys are great for those who suffer from anxiety and can also be good for stress relief too.

Pick up this cute little set up for £7.99 or €8.96.



What are your favourite wellness products?

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