10 tweets that sum up Ireland perfectly on the hottest day of the year

When meteorologist Joanna Donnelly passes reporter Teresa Mannion in the RTE corridor, I imagine some type of Captain Planet stand-off. Joanna opens her palms to shoot tiny balls of fire at Teresa as she, in turn, retaliates by summoning thunderclaps, sudden gushes of water from taps and catchy remixes of 'Don't make unnecessary journeys.'

Today has been christened the hottest day of the year and this brings both pros (ice cream now forms the base of the food pyramid) and cons (I remember why I hate strapless bras), but mostly it brings us together on social media as we celebrate our good sunshine fortune.

Here are ten of our favourite, and indeed hottest, tweets.

We have to start with Joanna because I think she is master of the sun and makes these cool, crochet-looking heat maps. The meteorologists in the rest of Europe most be looking at us like we are oddbods when they realise that we've never seen 30 on a chart. We're like the Amish heading to a strip club in New York. WHAT IS THIS HOT HELL?

Joanna is an intelligent, educated woman and uses technical terms in her forecasts. But the heat heathen in me wants her to permanently describe the weather in the form in which she does above.

And we know that there will be a lot of lobstery looking people hanging around pharmacies later, screaming for aloe vera and burn shield. Please see this handy guide for your reference.

Calling in sick is a little suspicious (Fintan, you do NOT have the flu) but booking a day off because there will be a ball of lesser-spotted fire in the sky is a completely valid reason to use your annual leave.


Some of us chose to eat ice cream and go to the beach.

Others decided to run around in the sweltering heat catching Pokémon Pokémen Pokémons.

But the hot weather does not come without its drawbacks. No one wants to give the devil a lapdance. This is a situation where the phrase 'fire crotch' would be utilised correctly.

And then there's the sleeping situation.

Which we should probably refer to as the non-sleeping situation.


But lack of sleep, strapless bras and sweaty-man-on-the-bus-invading-your-space notwithstanding, we are loving the sun. Just don't make unnecessary journeys - you'll melt. But do feel free to swim in the sea.

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