10 Ways To Beat The January Blues

The excitement of the festive season can often leave us feeling a bit deflated come New Year. So here are 1o ways you can beat the January blues this year.


1. Stop focusing on big events and appreciate the little things

Rather than focusing on the lack of big events to look forward to in January take the time to appreciate the little things.

Maybe you had a good day at work, your new year's resolutions are going well or you found a new song, tv show or movie you really like.

In general, it's not good to only live for the big events in life you need to appreciate the good in every day too.


2. Start working on your goals for the year

A good distraction from the January blues is to focus on working towards achieving your goals for the new year.

It's a good way to keep you busy and stay positive as you're working towards a goal.


3. Declutter your home

Start the New Year off the right way by doing a good clear-out of everything you no longer use, need or want.

Having a clean, organised space is a good way to have a fresh start to the year ahead.

Plus you can either make a little money off your unwanted items by selling them or give back by donating them to a charity shop or charity that needs them.


4. Get off your couch and get active

The cold weather and short days make it very easy for us to stay inside watching TV but getting some fresh air or trying to do a little exercise will definitely help beat that January sadness.

You don't need to sign up to a gym or expensive workout class, simply going for a walk in the evenings, or doing an at-home workout is just as effective and a lot cheaper.


5. Have a little unfollow spree on social media

Following people on social media that make you feel a negative emotion when they pop up on your feed is not going to help you beat the January blues.

So do yourself a favour and unfollow or mute anyone who fits this description.


You'll be surprised by the difference it makes to your experience on social media and your overall mood.


6. Plan some fun activities with friends

Rather than sitting inside doing nothing why not get out and plan some fun activities with your friends.

You could go to a museum or art gallery, maybe there's a movie you'd love to see or simply going for food is always a good option.

If money's tight this month you could invite people over for a games night.


7. Figure out what's making you feel a bit down

If you always feel a bit down in January spend a little time trying to pinpoint what makes you feel this way.

Finding the root of the problem will enable you to figure out how to help yourself and prevent it from happening again next year.


8. Start a daily or weekly gratitude journal

Taking a few minutes a day to think of the things in life you're thankful for is a fantastic way to lift your spirits.

It helps you to remember how lucky you are and enables you to put things in perspective.

It does take a bit of effort to do every day/week but I've found it very helpful in lifting my mood when I'm down.


9. Take up a new hobby or go back to an old one

If there's a hobby you've always wanted to start but haven't got around to or one you'd love to get back into why not make January the month you do it.

Taking up a hobby is a great distraction when you're feeling down and seeing your gradual improvement in your hobby is very satisfying.


10. Be easy on yourself

It's completely normal to have times when you feel a bit down so be easy on yourself and don't try to force yourself to be happy if you're not.




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