1D's Carpool Karaoke With James Corden is FINALLY Here!

Did Niall just say he'd marry Selena Gomez?! More on that momentarily, like when you watch the video. He said he'd also bed Tina Fey....

"Epic" isn't a term I bandy about on a daily basis - it's reserved for something that's particularly special. And given this edition of Carpool Karaoke got its own three-day countdown via Corden's Youtube page (complete with teaser snippets), clocks in at almost 15 minutes of footage, and features a myriad of additional camera angles due to the sheer volume of talent in the car, the influx of denim shirts, and James Corden's unbridled JOY - the term "epic" is fitting.

Treat yourself to some sterling Liam-type frivolity, Harry urging excitable drivers to keep their "hands on the wheel" despite them risking life and limb to take a selfie out their car window, and Louie's engaging tale about a pint of milk being dutifully dropped to his door by a 45-year-old twitter follower. There's also an AMAZING vocal solo from Harry Styles towards the end (it even outshines Corden's rapping).

We will miss you, One Direction. Enjoy yisser extended hollier. And, Niall, we're assuming you're going interrailing with Ed Sheeran, so have a blast.


Will you miss One Direction during their hiatus? Gowan, be honest. I'll miss Harry.

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