5 body positive tips to consider when buying swimwear

Summer is making an appearance and we are already fantasising about our long awaited holiday, even the beaches at home seem appealing.

But with the beach comes beach wear which can be a tricky subject for some people. Sure some are completely comfortable wearing a tiny bikini in front of everyone and anyone but the vast majority of us aren't, and that's okay!

So here are some tips to make shopping for and wearing swimwear a more pleasant experience all round:

What you need it for

Are you going to be lounging by the pool all summer long or are water sports more your thing? This is important to know before buying your swimsuit, while you might get away with a skimpy bikini for chilling in the sun, you will need something a bit more sturdy if you plan on hitting up the jet skis.


No matter what clothes size you take, swimwear will always be a tad bit trickier. Women are rarely fit perfectly into any size, especially if wearing a one piece. Some women have a larger bust and narrow hips, some women have a medium bust and wide hips... the combinations of shapes and sizes are endless.


It might feel like you will never find a suit to fit you properly so you settle for something that isn't quite right, leaving you uncomfortable and insecure. But there are always ways around it, you just need to shop around. staying away from sets and stick to separate pieces so you can mix and match sizes.

'Problem' areas

Whether it's your tummy, thighs or arms, everyone has insecurities about their body. This can make shopping for swimwear challenging. A good tip is to focus on your favourite parts of your body and highlight them - love your boobs? Get a swimsuit with a plunging neckline! Spent a lot of time in the gym sculpting your thighs? Go for a high legged swimsuit.


You can buy a bikini for a fiver coming into the summer, which is fine if you like to stick to trends and buy a new one every year. But if you want one that will last, it is better to spend a bit more on one made from good quality fabric that you can get use from year after year. It is a good investment and will save you money in the long run.

Have fun


Finally, relax and have fun choosing out funky swimwear for the summer. Don't focus too much on parts of your body you are insecure about if you can help it. Everybody has them, even the people you think look perfect.


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