6 Realistic Ways To Incorporate Self-Care Into Your Daily Life

We all have busy lives and often it's not possible for us to do the self-care activities that we'd like to on a daily basis. So here are 6 realistic ways you can incorporate a little bit of self-care into a busy workday.

1. Block out the time in your calendar

It's very important to give yourself a little time each day to relax, unwind and recharge, this being in the evening for most of us.

So block off some time in your evening to do this or give yourself a time where you have to finish doing any kind of work whether it's actual work, household or anything else.

Having some time to recharge after a busy day is a very simple but effective method of self-care that will help you relax before sleep and ensure you're rested and ready to take on another busy day.


2. Take breaks

This one is easier said than done when you have a tonne of work piling up on your desk but it's actually very beneficial.

If you try to plough on with your day and get as much work done as possible without a proper break you will burn yourself out and won't be able to do the work as effectively.

Both our brains and bodies need a little rest every few hours from work so make sure you take all of your breaks and actually get up from your desk.


3. Pay attention to what you're eating

I know everyone is sick of hearing this but what you eat really does affect how you feel both mentally and physically.

So try to pay attention to what you're eating and ensure your diet is as balanced as possible for you.

Everyone's different so don't feel bad if you're not having salads and smoothies every day.

As long you're getting your 5 a day, drinking enough water and not overloading on junk food then you're doing well.



4. Take pride in your appearance

This may sound superficial to some but taking pride in your appearance can really do wonders for your self-confidence and when you feel confident in yourself you'll feel better equipped to tackle problems or tricky situations when they arise.

Take a little bit of time in the mornings to make sure you look your best bearing in mind that this is different for everyone.

If doing a full face of makeup works for you go for it likewise if not wearing makeup makes you feel confident then that's good too.


5. Be realistic about what you can get done in a day

Not overloading yourself with tasks is a very simple form of self-care you can do daily.

There's nothing worse than writing yourself a to-do list that's a bit optimistic and not getting everything done so be realistic about what you can fit into a day.

If you work 5 days a week then chances are you're not going to have much time or energy in the evenings to do a lot so bear this in mind when you're planning your day.


6. Do something for your mental or physical health

Everyone knows it's hugely important to stay on top of your mental and physical health but realistically we don't all have time to exercise every day and do something for our mental health.

A simple solution to this is to pick and chose which one you want to focus on each day.

Although exercise can be a great way to tick both boxes if you can find a form of it that you enjoy.




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