'90s Pop Fans Unite! 5ive and S Club Party playing this year's Electric Picnic

The Electric Ireland stage at Electric Picnic has been consistent in terms of bringing cheesy pop acts to the festival over the last few years - and they're not letting their public down this year, either.

Two titans of '90s pop - or what's left of them - will play the Throwback Stageat next month's festival when 5ive and S Club Party (the group formerly known as S Club 7) join the fray.

True, there are only three remaining members of 5ive (Rich, Sean and Scott) and three remaining members of S Club 7 (Jo, Bradley and Tina) - but we'll work with what we have.

The Throwback Stage will also screen old school movies during the day, showing Clueless, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Police Academy and Dumb and Dumber amongst others.


See yis down the front.


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