A Breakfast McMuffin at Tea Time? Yes, Please!

McDonald's are looking at new ways to boost their sales and keep customers coming through the door, and that might include changing their seemingly unbreakable law about breakfast.

While some people work later shifts in the day and eat at different times, or other people are just really big fans of the Egg McMuffin, it seems as though McDonald's ending their breakfast at 10.30 on the dot is not their most popular policy.

The fast food chain has seen sales slump recently, and they're looking at new ideas to try and change or improve the experience for customers of going to a McDonald's. According to The Huffington Post that might include making breakfast available 24/7. 


Janney Capital Markets stated that "our industry sources inform us that McDonald’s US plans to test all-day breakfast - breakfast items for sale throughout the 24-hour day - in one domestic market, with the test set to begin within the next month or two". 


That original report was then confirmed by a McDonald's representative, who stated that they will be "testing all-day breakfast at select restaurants in the San Diego area", and if it proves successful, they may look at expanding it to other markets. 

Have you sampled the delights of a McDonald's breakfast yet, or do you prefer to make your first meal of the day at home?

Via Huffington Post

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