Best diet tips: share the secrets



Slimfast and I didn't get along despite  my high hopes and good start on it.  I was constantly starving - so hungry I felt faint - seriously.  And the fact that you had two shakes in the day and your dinner in the evening did dreadful things to my metabolism.

I've always been a breakfast to fill you up for the day kind of person ever since a nutritionist told me about the effect it has on your metabolism.  It kickstarts everything, meaning that you're fuller, you eat less calories for the rest of the day and you're better able to burn the ones you do eat.  And the G.I. diet suits me down to the ground because it goes along with all of this. (great thread on the forums about this diet,  read it here)


So Slimfast didn't work for me - I actually put on weight if you can believe it while I was on it.  I kept breaking it, Nigella style, to creep down to the fridge in the middle of the night to devour something - anything- to fill me up.

The joy of a bowl of muesli once I'd abandoned all pretense of the Slimfast diet, was, it's sad to say, amazing.

So eating breakfast is my best diet tip.  What's yours?

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