This lovely hobby is a relaxing way to practice mindfulness

It's very hard for some people to practice mindfulness. This relaxing hobby could make bringing your zen that little bit easier.

A couple of years ago, the newest wellness trend to emerge was colouring books for adults. Sure didn't all of our mammies get one for Christmas as thanks for doing the whole dinner and not getting a moment's rest? I was given a few as presents myself but they remained uncoloured, left aside until I assigned myself some time to do it. That was two years ago, when the trend became mainstream. But recently, I found a bundle, conveniently with a pack of colouring pencils, and hungover and stressed with the thought of a full week's work ahead, I decided to colour.

The biggest mistake I made when I was given the books was to think of them as something to do later, as something I needed to think about and save time for and do. Colouring in isn't like going to the gym. It's more like meditation, but for people who find it hard to just sit still. I definitely need to be more mindful and I for sure need to calm myself down on a daily basis, but I am also restless and fidgety. Colouring in allows for a few moments of reflection without having to just sit there and think.

colour book

Colour Me Mindful: Underwater by Anastasia Catris €8.10

The first time I tried it, I left the hangover tv on in the background (The Night Shift on Netflix and truly awful series about doctors. Grey's Anatomy it most certainly ain't). It was nice, and I felt better, but the background drama was distracting. Now, a couple of times a week, I put on some music, put my phone away, sit down with my buke and colour away.


Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book €10.46

It's not therapy, but it is certainly therapeutic. When you concentrate on colouring in an intricate design, your stress and anxiety levels have the potential to fall as you enter the meditative state. You can forget about the daily grind and the fast-pace of modern life by leaving your phone in another room and focusing on the present. I think it's a particularly lovely stress-relieving technique because it's portable. Take it with you in your handbag and do some colouring instead of scrolling through your phone if you find yourself at a loose end.

It's not the trendiest technique anymore, but you can still find them in shops and, of course, online.

Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns €6.90


Are you a colour-inner? Would you recommend this for practising mindfulness?

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