Amazeball news! is BACK!

Look into my eyes.  Not around the eyes, right into the eyes.  And... we're back in the room. Yes you read that right - WE'RE BACK IN THE ROOM!! (Double exclamation mark, caps totally necessary and in fact understating the excitement of the situation.)

We've got a fantastic new partner who is going to make shinier, snazzier and give it more socks than Marks & Sparks sell at Christmas time. is back!

We know we were all a bit Girl Interrupted there for a few (awful) days but we actually couldn't leave our beloved when push came to shove.  And a knight in shining armour (think of Fassbender crossed with the Farreller) has galloped into the picture and quite literally given us the kiss of life.


The Blather returneth tomorrow.  And not long after that will follow tales of fandango waxing, extreme eyebrowing and goodies galore.  Business as usual so. Hurrah!

We've taken down the test card and switched the telly back on.  We really hope you'll be there with us tomorrow. Keep watching this space for more news very soon!

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