Amazing 3D Ice Sculptures are the Coolest Things on the Internet

Japanese whiskey company Suntory have found an amazing way to take ice to the next level with their stunning 3D ice sculptures.

As part of an advertising campaign called "3D on the Rocks", they got Miwako Fujiwara of creative agency TBWA\Hakuhodo to come up with a way to turn ice from the standard cube into an awe-inspiring sculpture that could well be some form of witchcraft.

Fujiwara explained that they used a CNC router (a computer-controlled cutting machine) that they chilled to -7┬░C, and then fed 3D data into it in order to carve out the shapes.

The sculptures range from Godzilla to Mario, and everything in between.


You can see the full collection over on the site that they've set up for the campaign, which includes sharks, high heels and even an Apple Mac computer.

What pop culture icon do you think deserves an ice sculpture?


Via Neatorama, 3D Rocks

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