Are You Down With the Kids? E-Laughing's Where It's At LOL

Still LOLing? You're sooooooo 2005.

ROFTLing is seemingly gone too, but we have some new e-laughs that are dominating social media. OK, some might not be new, but the data confirming them is.

Though our data would suggest that data concerning e-laughing is BAHAHA at best.

After The New Yorker did a piece called 'Hahaha vs Hehehe', Facebook decided to find out what the most popular form of online laughing actually is, because, yeah, that's what the world really needed to know.

Using data they took from the last week in May, Facebook found out that LOL(1.9%) was not only being destroyed in popularity by both hehe(13.1&) and haha(51.4%), but emojis also took a large share of the pie(33.7%).



According to the results, men tend to use haha more than hehe, while women prefer to drop in an emoji. Teens are more likely to use an emoji, while people in their late 20's are those most commonly shoving in the now outdated LOL. Move with the times people, come on!

The study also revealed that 15% if the posts analysed contained some form of an e-laugh, which means that roughly 15% of people need to cop on to themselves.

There's actually these things called words which, if used correctly, can let people know if you've found something funny, or can alternatively inform those reading your post that it's meant as a joke.

Nly jokin' HAHA HEHE LOL!!!!! :) :P

So are you a LOLer, a ROFLer, an emoji laugher or do you just hate them all equally?

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