I Knew You Would Smash The Patriarchy When You Walked In: Feminist Taylor Swift & Kanye West Twitter Parodies

We all know Taylor Swift doesn't like to call herself a feminist (though she has no problem with tearing down Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for "not helping other women"...) and the evidence is there in her earlier lyrics, which mainly involved some sort of pitch-perfect fairy tale with rigidly set gender roles.

But on the other hand, she bangs out some cracking tunes. Who hasn't given it welly on the "OH! OOoohh!" bit in "I Knew You Were Trouble" a couple (of hundred) times?

Guy comes in, sweeps Tay-Tay off her feet, says some cheesy stuff, and presumably they live happily ever after. Until she releases a song called "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", that is. But what if Taylor suddenly changed her mind on the whole feminist thing?

Step in the newest mash-up Twitter account (some other great ones are Kim Kierkegaardashian and Star Trek and the CityFeminist Taylor Swift, in which her lyrics are given a female-empowerment slant.

This version of Swifty isn't afraid to call out the patriarchy:

fem taylor2


feminist taylor swift

fem taylor

The sad thing about this account is it highlights how UN-feminist a lot of her lyrics are, but that doesn't cancel out the genius.

Of course, the age old feud between the houses of Swift and West has reared its ugly head again with the creation Feminist Kanye West. Not content with storming the stage during her speech at the VMAs all those years ago, he has to have his own feminist parody Twitter account too! Well.

Fortunately for Swifty, she currently has the best feminist Twitter parody of all time (OF ALL TIME) with her follower count totalling over 80,000, and Yeezy's coming to a paltry 6,680.   Soz Kanye.


Personally, I can't wait for someone to set up a Feminist John Waters account. Would turning his work into a message of female empowerment be too big of an ask? One can only wish.

Who would you like to see having a Feminist Twitter account?

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