Beyonce performing at the CMAs is final proof that she's the new Queen of Pop

Is there anything that Beyoncé can't do? Having conquered the worlds of pop and r&b, she's now turned her attention to the world of country music - well, kinda.

Beyoncé made an appearance at the CMAs (Country Music Association Awards)last night when she joined the Dixie Chicks on stage for a very different performance of Lemonade's 'Daddy Lessons' as stars like Garth Brooks looked on with a bemused expression. It's just like Jay Z playing Glastonbury all over again.

The Dixie Chicks have been covering the song on tour all year, so it was only right that Bey joined them at least once. What's more, their collaboration is also now available as a free download from the country band's website.

Watch it below:


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