Beyoncé shares rare footage of her and Jay Z with brand new video for 'Die With You'

Ladies and gents, the bar has been set for wedding anniversary gifts.

A voucher or a nice meal in a fancy restaurant just won't cut it anymore, not now that Beyoncé has raised the bar with a new video for her 2015 track 'Die With You' to celebrate her ninth anniversary with Jay Z.

The pair got married on April 4th, 2008 and as you'll probably know, have one daughter, Blue, with another two kids on the way. The new video features footage from the original video - which was released 2 years ago on their 7th anniversary - as well as new footage of a pregnant-with-twins Beyoncé.

Beyoncé also curated a playlist for the occasion titled 'IV EVER EVER' that includes everyone from Sade to James Blake.


Unfortunately, they're both exclusive to TIDAL (so it really was a present for Jay Z) at the moment, but you can watch exclusive clips of the video below:

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