Big Brother Ends This Week. So, How Much is the Grand Prize?

Hard to believe it but Big Brother comes to an end this Thursday after 12 weeks on the air. It's been a series that has seen so-called 'time-bombs' explode every second day, with pretty much a revolving door of housemates coming and going,  but now it's finally almost time to name our winner.

Of course those that watching will know that that devious Big Brother has also been messing with the prize fund for the winner in a series of 'cash-bombs' which has seen the ultimate prize of £150k going up and down depending on the tasks.

A couple of days ago, housemate Jack managed to score £23,900 for himself from the grand prize, although he was given a chance to win some of it back for the housemates in a series of tasks that included shaving a line out of his head and being covered in fish guts.

So what does the prize fund stand as now? Well after all that, it's still an impressive £116,100. Big Brother announced the news to the housemates on last night's show and even provided a party for them to celebrate being in the final.


Aw, he's not all bad that Big Brother fella.

The live finale of Big Brother will take place this Thursday on TV3 at 9pm.

Who would you like to see win?

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