Brace yourself for an exciting new column: Meet's new Agony Uncle

Hello, friends.

You might have seen via's Twitter account that we are getting into the business of helping you with your relationships, lack thereof, or anything in the field of personal relationships with members of the same or opposite sex.

So, hello again. I'm Brian. Hi.

This is where I'm supposed to list my credentials for the job of advising you about your problems. Well, to be honest, I can't honestly think of anything in the way of credentials for this kind of thing. I mean, does anyone have any credentials for giving advice? Experience, I suppose. That's sort of like credentials. Maybe it's something to do with your job, perhaps?

I work for as their Movies Editor. If you've read a review or story about Star Wars, Star Trek, done a quiz about '80s/'90s TV shows, I probably wrote it. So, there's that. I'm also on the radio every Wednesday evening on 2FM with Chris and  Ciara talking about movies. Again, nothing to do with relationships or anything close to it, but it's part of my job.



Maybe it's to do with being in a relationship, personally? I can answer some of that. My girlfriend of ten years is a private woman, and I'm respecting her right to privacy, so I won't name her - other than to say that we've been together ten years, we've lived together for six, and she hasn't murdered me in my sleep or poisoned me. That's a success, I think.

The point is, there are no experts in relationships. None. Anyone who tells you different is a f**king liar. Simple as that. It's our own messed-up experiences, through trial and error, that defines our taking. It can be personal loss, heartbreak, maybe somebody's cheated on you, maybe you've cheated on someone, maybe you got into a relationship for the right reasons, but now you're in it for the wrong reasons, maybe it's something completely different from where it started. The point is, we all have experience.

This is my experience, and I'm happy to share mine with you. So, yeah, hit me up if you'd like some help or someone to ask stuff.

Also, HMU if you want a film recommendation. Always here for that too.

The Agony Uncle line is open. Leave your relationship woe in the comments below and let's get advising. 

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