Bryce Dallas Howard buys awards seasons gowns online

She's a size 10. A SIZE 10. She's a mother of two and a size 10 (a US size 6) and yet she's still deemed "too big" for all the designer samples (usually a UK size 4 - 6, a US size 0 - 2) on offer during awards season. That's just wrong.

The Jurassic World actress has said she bought her Jenny Packham Golden Globes gown online.

She returned to the internet to purchase the Balmain dress she wore to The Critic's Choice Awards this Sunday...

Speaking on the red carpet at Sunday's awards, the actress said: "I’ve alluded to this a little bit before, but when you’re not a sample size or if you don’t have a direct relationship with a designer or if you don’t have a lot of notice - those size six dresses aren’t available... What I’ve found is, if something is last minute, I go to Neimans or I get something online."


Of her Balmain dress, she added: "I’m really taped and I’m touching my breasts a lot, making sure that the tape is still sticking. I hope it’s not awkward for anyone." Not at all, Bryce, touch yerself away!

Celebrity stylist, Manny, had this to say to the Telegraph: "In Paris generally sample size is a 6-8 [UK size] and if you are busty it’s near impossible to fit into a sample. For celebrities larger than a sample size often a brand would let you pull from store stock, but then it means you can’t make alterations as it needs to go back. I respect Dallas for buying her gowns, but it’s often a massive investment to make on a dress which sometimes is so associated with that particular event that you might not get to wear it again."

Well, what else is she going to do?

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