Burn! Astrophysicist's reply to climate change denier is THE best thing on Twitter

It seems if you make any sort of comment about climate change these days you're leaving yourself open to attacks from Twitter trolls.

Luckily for us, most of these trolls don't bother checking who they're tweeting at before pushing their agenda which results in hilarious exchanges like the one below.

Katie Mack AKA @AstroKatie shared her fears with regards to climate change on Twitter.

One Twitter troll saw her as the perfect target on which to push his 'global warming is a scam' theory.


It's pretty obvious Gary didn't bother to check Katie's bio. We're sure if he had he would have saved himself the embarrassment that followed her reply.

That's right. Katie Mack also goes by the name Dr Catherine J Mack of the University of Melbourne. So she probably knows more about 'actual science' than the rest of Twitter combined.

As writer @finkowska put it: "there is not enough cold in the heat death of the universe to treat this magnificent burn.”

Via The Poke

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