Chris Evans Scares 7 Shades Out of Scarlett Johansson on Ellen

First of all, apologies for the quality of the screen shot there; I was uploading another story while listening to the audio of this clip, so - much like Scarlett - I had no idea what was coming. Fingers are still shaking. That and Chris was moving so fast it was hard to pin down the exact moment of "OHHOLYMOTHEROFGOD!" on her face, but you probably get the point. 

See. You think you know someone... Given Scarlett's reaction, Ellen was quick to point out "It was his idea!"

Before the frightening from hell (during which her hair remained coiffed to perfection), Ellen had been asking Scarlett about new motherhood, this is what she had to say. There are some handy subtitles in case you have no earphones in work. 


What's the most scared skitterless you've been in public?

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