Chris Martin's Got a New Squeeze and They Don't Care Who Knows It

Well it's safe to assume that Jennifer Lawrence is but a distant memory at this point - if these pictures of himself and one Annabelle Wallis are anything to go by. There's slow dancing on a Parisian pavement and everything.

While most outlets are going with the caption - 'they can't keep their hands off each other', it's a bit unfortunate that the one shot they've all gone with seems to feature the Coldplay singer with his hands in his pockets while looking into the reflection of a window. We've all been there.


The singer and the  31-year-old Peaky Blinders actress have been reportedly dating since August, when they were first spotted canoodling in public.

Ever been to Paris? Was it as romantic as its hyped to be - or did it leave you feeling a bit cold?

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