Comedian Alan Carr is engaged and guess who's his A-list wedding singer?

It was the sweetest proposal and it sounds like it’s going to be the best wedding ever

Actor Paul Drayton took Carr completely by surprise when he proposed last week in Indonesia.

Carr told The Sun: "He asked me to marry him in Lombok. There were nine couples in this boutique hotel and a man playing the organ. I went to the toilet and came out to eat dessert.

"And then I was like, ‘’Oh my God, a filling’s come out, just my luck on holiday. I pull it out and it’s this ring and then the man on the organ starts singing Can you feel the love tonight?

"Then the chef, all the staff came out and the manager and sang Can You Feel the Love Tonight, but they didn’t know the next lyric, so they just sang, ‘Can you feel the love tonight? Can you feel the love tonight?’ So it was my idea of hell, but of course I said yes.


"My life is a roller coaster, like Ronan Keating says. It’s really nice."

The wedding, which will take place next year, will reportedly be ‘an A-list affair’ attended by Carr’s many celeb friends, and there’ll be a special performance from the couple’s close friends Adele who Carr says will sing Someone Like You.

Carr said of his fiancé: ‘he's the best thing that's happened to me…. It feels right and it feels like a fresh start. It's a happy ending.’ Bless.

Via The Sun

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