Couple Mashup Every Song Ever for Their Wedding Video

Is it just me or have people really kicked their wedding game up a notch or two lately?

It seems like there's a new video of incredible dance, song, or a proposal almost every week. We're not complaining, per se, but at some point these couples have to realise that they're setting the bar too high, and we can't keep up. Let's all scale it back for a minute.

This week we have a couple, Robert and Theresa, who shot a one-take lip-synch video at their wedding which saw them mashup just about every song you could hope for. Well, it had a Frozen song, so that's about all you could hope for, don't be greedy.

250 guests took part in the video, even though they didn't know anything about it until 10 minutes prior to filming. The couple taped manila enveloped underneath the guests' seats which included instructions for the filming. Seems risky, but we think it turned out pretty awesome.


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