Cursing, beer & poses: Rage Yoga is the new thing

Although yoga is supposed to be about balance, centering yourself and mental mindfulness, there's been a few offshoots in recent years that have changed up traditional yoga.

Bikram yoga, for example, sees people take part in a session whilst in a heated environment. We've done it and, honestly, it's just the absolute worst. However, there is a new variant of yoga that seems way more up our street.

Rage Yoga involves the same stances and movements of traditional yoga, but instead of being held inside a traditional studio, it's held inside a pub in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Yes, really.

Yoga instructor Lindsay Istace believes that Rage Yoga takes the formality and seriousness out of the meditation, which she feels can be quite intimidating for newcomers. "I can’t do the super serious thing," she said. "I want to be able to giggle out loud if I fall over. I know not all studios are like that, but I felt like I didn’t fit in most of the time."

What's more, instead of finishing each class with the traditional 'Namaste' greeting, yoginis shout 'F*CK YEAH' to wrap up the class. Oh, and they're allowed to take a sip of beer during their session as well. It's in a pub, after all.

"There have been no spills,” explained Istace. "I just ask people be mindful of their water... or their beer." As Istace explains it, Rage Yoga is supposed to be a little bit of fun and get people who normally wouldn't try yoga to give it a shot.

"What I want to do with this is use it as an awesome gateway yoga: get people to try out yoga for those who are intimidated by studios but want to try out a class," Istace said. Currently, there's no Rage Yoga classes in Ireland - but that's not to say you can't attempt it in the privacy of your own home either.



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