De-cluttering your wardrobe, where to start?

Is there anything better than feeling like your wardrobe is uncluttered and under control?

It can be hard to get started though and even seem far to intimidating to start.But remember, Rome wasn't built in a day! We all have to start somewhere and take it one step at a time.

When your house or wardrobe is cluttered it can seem impossible to ever get on top of it. But here is one of our biggest tips, do it 5 minutes at a time. Add another 5 minutes on tomorrow and so on.

Here are some tips on how to get started-

Start with one place

As we said, baby steps here is key. Start with one area of your wardrobe. One rail or one shelf and clear it of what you don't wear. Don't allow anything old into that newly decluttered space and go on from there.

Be ruthless


This can be the most challenging for some people, the actually getting rid of things. When you are getting ready in the morning and choosing an outfit. Bag the clothes you look at and think 'nope, I don't like that'. If you won't wear it today what makes you think you will wear it in a week or a months time? You won't! Bag it!

Pull everything out

When you get to the drawers tip everything out onto your bed. Then separate it into three piles.

  1. Stuff that will remain in the drawer
  2. Stuff that belongs somewhere else
  3. Stuff that needs to be gotten rid of

Put all of your bits back into the drawer and deal with the other two piles immediately.

Breathe it in 


Once you have one area of your wardrobe uncluttered, appreciate it. Appreciate your hard work and how weightless it feels to be a little less cluttered. It will help you to stay on top of it and to make this you new standard and pretty soon decluttering will be habit.


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