Dianna Agron's New Boyfriend is Perfect Musical Match

And there we thought she was madly in love with Nicholas Hoult...

According to reports via Us Weekly, the 29-year-old Glee actress was seen wandering hand-in-hand with the 27-year-old singer through the streets of Paris on Monday. Tres romantic.

One "source" said: "Agron has been a fan of the group for awhile - but she’s not exactly bragging about their relationship just yet."

While Dianna has been previously linked with Jennifer Lawrence's ex, Hoult, Marshall was rumoured to be dating Katy Perry (when she wasn't with on-off-on-off-on boyfriend John Mayer).


Between this rumoured union and the marriage between Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan, the Mumfords at large have amazing pulling prowess.

Must be in the hair.

Does your other half work in a similar field to you? Or do opposite workers attract?

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