Diet Diaries: Half Way Through the Vegan Challenge and Have We Hit a Hangover Pothole?

Since embarking on her four week clean livin', vegan challenge, our guest writer Simone has been keeping us up to date on her process, her weight loss and her delirious thoughts of pizza. Last week, she gave us her first update and told us about the withdrawals, the recipes and the shakes (both of her hands and of the drinking variety).

Today she's back and answering the question that we've all had on our minds - what happens to the diet when you introduce a few glasses of wine? And what is the vegan equivalent of a packet of salt 'n' vinegar and an ice cold can of coke? Riddle us that!

(Image courtesy of The Happy Heart Course) (Image courtesy of The Happy Heart Course)

Well, I've made it to the half way point without having a major breakdown and snatching a burger from an unsuspecting passerby's hands. But I'll admit that there were fleeting moments when I may have considered it.

This week posed a challenge for me as I had An Event to attend, one which I'd decided a long ago would be the one day I'd allow myself alcohol during this four week challenge. So you can imagine that I was really, and I mean REALLY, looking forward to heading out that day for a fabulous meal with friends. But, even as excira as I was by the promise of a few glasses of wine, I was determined to stick to the diet as much as possible. So I called the restaurant in advance to ask if they could cater for a vegan, and they did so admirably and without fuss. 

And I enjoyed the evening, sipped a few glasses of Sancerre and felt smug in the knowledge that I was still able to have fun and stay on track - oh yes, I was letting loose (albeit in a very controlled environment).



And that was all fine and well until the next morning. Mother of sweet divine, HOW do vegans cope with hangovers?! No bacon, no sausages, no eggs, no buttered toast and no greasy burgers. I'm not ashamed to admit that as I lay there dreaming of salty chips, I had the feeling that I had hit rock bottom. I'm not going to sugar coat it for you, it was HELL.

Beans on a wholemeal pitta just didn't cut it. At all. But dinner that evening was easier as I'd  pre-made a Thai curry which satisfied my cravings somewhat. But I stuck with it and pushed on through. Now, that said, I've decided not to drink for the remainder of the course. I want to give this my best shot and it's only additional calories that I don't need, as well as just making it so much tougher than it needs to be.

Other than that it's going well. It's a very cost effective way to eat as food bills are considerably less without processed food, fish and meat. I'm learning new recipes every week which are delicious. And the guys have inspired us all to get moving a bit more which is healthy for the mind as much as the body.

(Image courtesy of The Happy Heart Course) (Image courtesy of The Happy Heart Course)

Weekends are definitely the toughest but it's good to be challenged out of your comfort zone. And I just keep reminding myself that this isn't a forever thing - I'll certainly be incorporating elements of this challenge into my regular diet but I'll be balancing it out with what will work for me long term.

And so I face into the next two weeks feeling quite positive. I've lost another couple of pounds and people have started to comment that my face seems slimmer. And that alone, not sugar, gives me the boost I need to keep going.


Can you relate to Simone's experience? Do you have any healthy tips that can cure a hangover? Share with us in the comments!

And if you want to join in the challenge or learn more about healthy eating, check out The Happy Heart Course here

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