Does Being The First Born, Middle Child Or Baby Affect Your Personality?

So *asks tentatively* are you a Kourtney, Kim or Khloe?  

What effect your birth order has on your personality is a topic that has been studied on a consistent basis for a long time, and there's a whole wealth of research that attempts to come up with a few theories on the topic. 

Whether you're the first born and feel that you're the most responsible, or the baby of the family and are quite outgoing, there are a number of different ways that your position in your family can have an impact on your personality.

While these rules are not hard or fast and they obviously change when other factors are taken into account like gender and socio-economic position, the guys at Asap THOUGHT decided to take a look at the topic and bring together a few of the most prevalent takes on it. 


Do you see any of yourself in the characteristics outlined in the video?

Via i100

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