5 easy ways to become more sustainable

As a nation, we are becoming more and more aware of how important it is to become more sustainable.

We are also making great progress in fully educating the next generation on just how important it is to “go green”.

There's a saying, “There is no planet B” and I couldn’t agree more. It is critical if we want to keep this earth around for our grandchild and their grandchild that we really look at our lifestyle and our habits.

Living a more sustainable life is sometimes thought of like an entire life change but it doesn’t have to be. You can start off small and change one small thing at a time.

You could pick one thing each month that is a more sustainable way of living. Something you will decide to consciously do, that you will consistently do for that month. Habits are so easily formed and the rewards for making small changes to help our planet are incomprehensible.

Here are some small and easy changes you can make to get you started on a greener lifestyle:

Reusable Water Bottle
Bottles of water take hundreds of years to biodegrade. For some of us, you could go through 3 or 4 a day! A simple switch to a BPA free reusable water bottle will make a massive difference in the long term. It is an easy way to reduce landfill and also to lessen your carbon footprint.



Reusable Coffee Cup
Of late, some coffee companies have brought out biodegradable or recyclable coffee cups in their businesses. But I think why not try and cut down on recycling altogether. There is no reason why most of the time we could be using a reusable cup to get our coffee. Most coffee shops sell them and even give you extra points on your loyalty card for using them.


Biodegradable Cutlery
While you’re at it why not invest in some biodegradable, reusable cutlery set to have in your handbag. If you eat out at lunch in work or even just at the weekends why not have your set in your bag, ready so you won’t be using a single-use plastic set.


Reusable Straw
Another one for the habit list. More and more companies are getting rid of plastic straws. Amazing really, since plastic straws are one of the top ten items found in sea refuse. Personally, I can’t get used to the texture of a paper straw (and I know many will agree) so why not buy a metal reusable straw? They are so easy to use and to have in your handbag whenever you might need it.


Menstrual cup
A woman will use 11,000 sanitary products in her lifetime. Shockingly almost 28,000 tampons and applicators are cleaned up on beaches every single day. A menstrual cup is reusable and you can keep it for years and years. Not only will it save you money but it will also make an incredible difference to the planet and our beaches.


A menstrual cup is also made from medical grade silicone with non-absorbing plastic which is also better for your body. Traces of chemicals have been found in sanitary products which can be absorbed by your vagina an extremely dangerous for your health.

It may take a little getting used to you but once you do you will never look back.

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