There's So Much To Do In Dubai


There was a time not so long ago when Dubai seemed as far away as Tír na nÓg. Now, it's a destination that everyone can embrace, not just footballers and their wives, Cara Delevigne and friends and all the Kardashians.

Yes, its glamourous reputation is warranted and of course luxury is unavoidable (and who wants to avoid luxury anyway?) but there's more to Dubai than perusing the world's tallest building, laying by the pool and spending all day in the mall.

Burj Khalifa

  • Golf

To say that golf is a favourite pastime of Dubai is an understatment. There are world-class courses galore that celebs like to get their swing on from time to time - one was even designed by pro-golfer Colin Montgomerie. Many of them are open to the public so watch out for The Timberlakes on the green! Enjoy an aprés-golf relax in one of the amazing clubhouses - the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club clubhouse is a landmark in itself, having been designed to mirror the sails of a traditional Arab dhow.

Rory McElry Golf Dubai

  • The Desert

Visiting Dubai is the perfect time to experience a landscape as far away from the green, green grass of home as you can get. Take a four-wheel drive trip amongst the dunes, ride a camel, enjoy a desert barbeque and go up, up and away in a hot air balloon for a truly unique panoramic view.

  • The Beach

It's not all desert life in Dubai. Located on the Persian Gulf, there are plenty of opportunities to relax at the beach. Many coastside hotels have their own strip of beach but there are public areas too. While you're by the water, why not jump on a boat and sail around the man-made islands. One unique boat tour is the Dhow Cruise, a one hour jaunt on a traditional wooden vessal.

  • Eat, Drink, Be Merry

As well as housing very expensive five-star restuarants which would be an excellent treat, Dubai offers cheap - and very good - food. 2nd December Street (formely known as Al Dhiyafa Road) is known for its Lebanese, Iranian and Indian delights. For a walk on the decadent side, check out one of Dubai's famous Champagne Brunches - expect all you can eat buffets, free-flowing drinks and lots of fun!

The Royal Island Beach Club

  • Shop

While they are comfortable, all-inclusive and easy, Dubai shopping is not just all about the sprawling indoor, air-conditioned malls. The Gold Souk is the place to be for amazing deals on gold, platinum and diamonds. You'll have to haggle, but for the genuine bargains, it will be worth it. Look out for the textile souk in the Bastakia Quarter - a beautiful pocket of Dubai where traditional buldings have been transformed into art galleries and cafés.

Dubai is a dream holiday - relaxation, craic and culture, oh, and all-year round fantastic weather -  what more could you want?


You can jet off to Dubai anytime you like with Emirates. Emirates is the only carrier in Ireland to fly directly to Dubai with flights leaving twice daily. So, if it's sun, sea, sights and shopping you want, there's no excuse not to grab it!

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