The €700 Ice-Cream Is The World's Least Comforting Comfort Food

If you're planning a trip to Dubai in the near future, you might want to bring a spare $816 to get yourself some ice cream.

The reason being that Dubai is now home to the world's most expensive scoop of the sweet treat, which you can get your hands on at Scoopi Café on Al Wasl Road.


The 3,000 Dirham (€721.88) price tag comes as a result of the fact that the ingredients used are particularly rare and expensive, so it's a bit better than your average 99. It's made with Madagascan vanilla, Iranian saffron and Italian black truffle, all topped off with 23 carat edible gold, because you might as well throw some gold on while you're at it, of course. It also comes served in a Versace branded bowl and spoon, which you get to take home, so at least there's that. 


Zubin Doshi, owner of Scoopi Cafe, said that the recipe took over five weeks to perfect, and they had to have the ingredients flown in from all around the world. If you're aspiration is to spend over €700 on ice cream, then give us a shout. We'll take you for a Teddy's in Dun Laoghaire, and we'll keep the other €695 for ourselves. 

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