Editor's letter: #CelebrateTheLittleThings

This month we are all about analysing the contents of your make up kit, bathroom cabinet, wardrobe and a whole lot more as our #BeautieAwards16 go live. So take some time to curl up on the sofa, check out the #BeautieAwards16 section here and cast your vote for your favourite beauty products, style icons and wellness ambassadors.

One of my favourite guilty pleasures is to spend an hour or two on my laptop ambling from Net-a-Porter to Vogue, mug vat of coffee in hand, candles lighting, Spotify playing and my bank manager suddenly feeling a little light headed and wondering why. It's not like I actually buy anything but it's fun to pretend that I have a trust fund of seven figures that my parents are going to reveal to me any day now.

Because as much as big holidays, shopping sprees and job promotions are wonderful (and they are), it's important to take stock, keep perspective and celebrate the little things. The barista made your coffee exactly the way you like it? There was no traffic on the road and you made it to work on time even though you overslept by twenty minutes? These are all the little things that make up the tapestry of your day and keeping track of all the little wins and moments of joy can help lift our spirits and our mood.

So this month we are going to celebrate the mini moments, the everyday things that put a smile on our faces, the little things that make all the difference. We'll have articles, features and competitions on the theme, and we'd love to hear what #CelebrateTheLittleThings means to you.


Looking forward to our month ahead,


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